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Healthy Home Environment: How to Improve Indoor Air Quality

Based on a study in 1999 conducted by the American Lung Association, most Americans use around 65 percent of their time indoors, which makes their indoor air quality an essential factor for their health and well-being. Unfortunately, due to an accumulation of pollutants in indoor air, it is estimated that the air inside a home could be as much as 100 times more harmful to your health than that outdoors.

Three Ways to Improve Indoor Air Quality

For all ages, breathing air that isn’t quite up to snuff can be hazardous for their health. To maintain a healthy home, there are various methods to improve the air quality in your home. In addition, cleaning your home can be essential to preserving your family’s health.

1. Ensure Adequate Ventilation

It’s the norm in many modern homes to make the seals around windows and doors as airtight as feasible to boost energy efficiency while limiting pollutants. However, indoor pollution could be replaced by healthy outdoor air by opening the doors and windows and frequently circulating the air using fans or other equipment.

2. Use High-Quality Air 

Filters you choose to use a top-quality air conditioner filter to purify your home’s air, reduces your likelihood of having health issues related to inadequate air quality.

Air filters remove impurities while the air is circulated through a house’s heating and cooling. Indoor air pollutants, including dust and mold, and pet dander, can be caught by top-quality air filters and held in the filter’s material for quick removal, efficiently removing them off the air.

3. Ensure All Equipment Is Working Properly

Malfunctioning equipment can cause an increase in air pollution in your house. For instance, an accumulation of toxins in the air from malfunctioning furnaces, space heaters, stoves, or dryers can cause dangerous pollution levels. Therefore, home HVAC equipment should be checked and maintained frequently, as per the manufacturer’s specifications. 

Make Efforts to Improve Air Quality

When you’re establishing a healthy living space at home, your main concern should be the well-being of all members of your family. However, if it’s about your health, poor air quality can lead to chronic and sometimes fatal health issues; therefore, you must be doing everything you can to improve the air quality at home.

Everyone has a position in contributing to the combat against climate change. Individuals are all responsible for ensuring that the domain will be preserved for the next generation. So, everyone is not free from this responsibility. Everyone must do what they can, not just one or two people or a handful of organizations showing enthusiasm. This means that we need to act fast and not put off what we can or must do to save the environment does nothing to help.

So, this is a description of the perfect house: orderly and clean, dry, without insects and flies, well-ventilated and free of toxic substances. For the physical and mental health of the people living in the home, these needs are crucial.

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